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In my perfect world, everyone would have access to environmentally conscious and socially responsible food.  They would know who grew it, where it came from, and have peace of mind that what they’re eating is real food free of scientific experiments, known toxins, and that it was grown in a way that left the earth healthier than before.

The problem is that many people don’t know anything about the the way that conventional food is produced, or why it’s so destructive to both their health and the environment. And if they are aware of the problems, there are so many obstacles to overcome on the way to a healthy, responsible and satisfying diet. Change requires awareness, the formation of new habits, and a willingness to seek out alternatives to cheap, abundant food-like meals.

I want to help you overcome those obstacles. I’m passionate about what I eat and how it’s produced and where it comes from, and I’m convinced that there is a much better way to eat than the status quo, so I’m endeavouring to do everything I can to change the status quo. That means me and you! We can be the change! We can grow and sprout and preserve whatever we can ourselves, and then we can spend our voting-dollars (and they’re all voting-dollars) on foods that make us healthier and the world better, not worse.

With all the overwhelming food choices out there, I want to help you stay informed of the latest food scandals and learn easy ways that you can grow, forage, preserve and enjoy your own food to become a little less dependent on the hazards of the global food system.

I’m just getting started here on my new site, and I’m going full steam ahead to get all the categories up and running. My plan is to make video tutorials to show you what you can do to be more involved in your food system.  In the mean time, you could help me by telling me some of the obstacles you have toward eating local, organic, healthy food more often. That would help me help you.

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We all eat, but most of us could be more involved in the other phases of the food cycle.

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